latte at ApteI’m off to Bali this weekend for 11 gloooorious days in an attempt to thaw out my bones.  For the past few days I have been very busy slapping on the fake tan so as not to frighten the other tourists with my luminescent skin.  So far so good, no streaks to speak of (touch plastic).  I was aiming for turning my skin from blue-white to a warm shade caramel but I think the best I can manage in the time I have left will be a double double non-fat no foam weak latte.  Sadly.  Oh well! 

Rest assured I’ll come back with plenty of adventures and photos to share.  And I promise to have a cocktail or 20 for you too!

byo hottie in Winter

byo hottie in Winter

Now this might seem like a direct contradiction of my previous post about embracing financial responsibility but I swear bought this stuff before I read How to Give Up Shopping.  So it’s allowed, so ner.  But I digress…

I reckon I hate shopping for swimwear as much as any woman does.  I have wobbly bits I’d rather hide and I’m perennially pale-skinned.  But you see, I also have a very long torso (read general Gigantor-ness, as a friend once said). Now some of you may think I should feel blessed but let me tell you, everytime I hunt down a suitable maillot and wrestle my way into it only for it to bite me back with a giant wedgie I feel anything but.

Imagine my delight to recently find swimwear long enough AND on sale (I know, I know, sales are not my friend sales are not my friend).  Whenever I find shoes, jeans, bras or swimwear that fit me I tend to buy in bulk because experience has shown me there can be a long drought until I find any of it again!