2-15092009681and not the pastel horsie racing kind.  It’s officially only week four of Spring and I’m loving the bouts of ever so slightly warmer weather, so is Willow.  What I am not loving is the insane hayfever I seem to have this year.  It has been on hiatus for two loverly years but this year has come back.  And then some!  Lately I seem to wake up at three hour intervals unable to breathe in order to sneeze or blow my nose.  And so it continues all day until I finally fall (pretend) asleep again.  The novelty has passed, trust me.  I’ve been going mad tring to cure it, hoovering up anti-histamines like they were lollies and even resorting to going back to Chinese medicine.  Anyone who has had cupping knows that ain’t pretty either.  But so far it’s in vain.  Might have to get the dogs a haircut too as the grass seeds in their coats are not helping.  I worked out I’ve spent over $300 so far on fixes.  How long is Spring again??

2-01092009618In my mind I’ve moved on from Winter, well and truly.  I’m just waiting for Melbourne to get the memo that we are indeed now meant to have sunshine, longer daylight and most importantly, 2-01092009620warmth!  The flowers in my not-garden (read, patch of dirt under a tree) seemed to be on board and this little sweetheart popped up right on cue, front and centre on Sept 1.  What a pity my dogs decided to give their new backyard buddy what-for!