IMG_0200It’s been nearly two weeks since my return from Bali and my ever so slightly tanned décolletage and shoulders have faded back to their natural milky white.  I haven’t sunbathed for years and didn’t really do any while I was away.  So how did I get a sort-of tan, I hear you ask?  By getting around on the back of a motorbike as often as possible, of course!  In the high season streets of Ubud choked with cars it was the fastest, cheapest, easiest (and most gloriously liberating) way to get from A to B.  Or as in my case, just back to A again.  It wasn’t all fun and games though.  After a kind stranger in a little backstreet agreed to run a quite lost and late me over to my tailor I made the beginner’s mistake of burning my leg on the atomically hot exhaust of a  Harley, something I’m in no hurry to repeat!