IMG_0229Since I’ve come back from Bali I’ve noticed lots of things have changed. Some consciously, but many just as a result of having a decent change of scene.  Something I highly recommend for anyone stuck in a rut or generally just o-v-a-h everything. For starters I’ve kicked the daily hefty peanut butter toast habit I’d previously been powerless to deny and haven’t been eating as much sweet stuff or downing gallons of coffee each day either. On a more esoteric note though, I am more appreciative of the little things and less bothered by previously annoying things too. For example, I appreciate footpaths that are clean and kept in good order as well as working and abundant street lights! I also am far less bothered by bad drivers, heavy traffic and general ignorance of others. Although I do get a huge kick out of the 15km bumper-to-bumper traffic jam travelling in the opposite direction to me each morning as I make my way to work!