A tangle of legs

wet noses softly snoring

dreams of open fields


2-14102009759possums, that is.  The dogs have decided that we clearly need to have our own real live example of a feral possum.  Just what exactly they’d do with one if they caught it (apart from crap their pants) I’m not exactly sure. So now every morning and afternoon walk is devoted to the desperate search for one.  To date the locale has been narrowed down to approximately 13 trees that we must dash to at breakneck speed immediately upon entering the off-leash area of Darling Gardens.  After consuming about 95% of the poo the possums have thoughtfully left behind, we stretch ourselves to maximum height up the 30 foot high tree trunk to search valiantly and see if in fact we might be able to catch one unawares lurking near ground level (we’re really not that tall, see exhibit A at left).  At this stage possums : 3 and dogs: 0.  Thank god!



It took a long time, I know.  But I take the re-naming of said pooches verrrry seriously.  After consulting baby naming books, dog naming websites, reading the names in movie credits and even the street directory I have now found a new name for the other dog.

Again in a nod to her origins, it gives me great pleasure to present Miss (Vespa) Paloma nee Rosealine.  But that too is a mouthful, so for now we’ll stick to Paloma, ok? 


2-14820021When I was about 6 years old I was roaming the grounds of the Agricultural College where we lived (my Dad was a lecturer at the time), wearing a borrowed, and much too big, pair of overalls and having a grand old time on my own.  It was the late 70’s in rural Australia and the place was as safe as houses, but I still don’t know why I was on that adventure so far from my own front door.  I fondly remember the sun was shining, there were no training wheels on my bike and I was all set with a screwdriver in one pocket and a biscuit for later in another.  Life was good and I was feeling uber grown up.  Imagine how much better the day got when I stumbled across a $5 note in the gutter!  Five bucks when you are only 6 years old is akin to finding $2,857,453,409!!  I couldn’t believe my luck and quickly put it in one of the many handy pockets I had on me.  There was nothing to spend it on nearby so I got on with the business at hand which most likely involved bugs, or dirt, or bikes or other imaginary distractions.  When it was time to head home I remembered the money but to my horror I couldn’t find it.  My instant fortune had evaporated, and with it my dreams of taking the whole family to Disneyland!  Tearfully I headed home and told Mum, who gave me one of those hugs only a mum can give.  Later Mum actually found the money in one of the tricky side pockets on the leg, and Disneyland was back on!! 

Cut to last night when I took the dogs for a walk to the local pet shop Zac’s to buy some creepy dried kangaroo offal that they seem to love.  I put the change in my pocket and we legged it to the park.  There we met a lovely, very exuberant puppy called Junior and they all chased each other madly in circles while his owner Kim and I chatted.   It was great as they were tiring each other out and we were just standing still until it was time to head home.  It wasn’t until I reached into said pocket to get the front door key that I realised my $45 change was gone.  Thinking back to when I was 6 I frantically searched every pocket on me in case I was mistaken but alas, no.  I dropped the dogs home and went back to the park with a torch.  I think I spent about 40 minutes combing the off-leash area like they do on the cop shows on tv, slowly sweeping in long parallel lines.  All I got for my troubles was numb toes and a cold nose!  I just hope whomever finds my money either puts it to good use or that it went to someone who could use it.  Reckon MacGyver might be safe after all…

I still haven’t settled on new names for my dogs so for now they are the bigger black one and the little grey one.  IMG_0574In the soft dim light of the lounge room last night I went to pat the smaller of my two dogs and for a second I couldn’t tell head from tail!  See exhibit A, at left.  But I digress.  I’m dead set committed to breaking my dog’s bad habits and teaching them good manners.  As a stong supporter of reward based training and addictee of the tv show It’s me or the dog I borrowed some dog training books from my local library and got to it.

So far I’ve worked out there are a few dominance based issues with some attention seeking barking and separation anxiety thrown in.  Piece of cake, right?  Well it’s only day 3 of our new regime and so far I’ve got the bigger one to sit and stay and we seem to have nipped a lot of the barking at anything in the bud too.  The little one is eating proper portions now and actually sits rather than just trying to look cute.  I’d say that counts as progress, big time.  Add to that the extra bits and pieces I’ve rigged up for next to nothing (new double dog walking lead, attention diverting noise things, and indoor training rope) and I reckon that MacGyver fella is at real risk of losing his seat at the top!

2-IMG_0571Happy days indeed.  My little dogs have finally arrived and are fast approaching the ten day mark in their new home.  We get along like peas and carrots, clearly it was meant to be!  It has taken me quite a while to get around to photographing them though.  

2-IMG_0563I’ve found it’s quite a challenge to walk out the door being dragged by two enthusiastic pooches and remember to have pockets stuffed with treats, poo bags, my phone, keys, money for a latte and lip gloss – let alone adding a camera to all that!  But on the weekend just gone it was a lovely almost Spring kind of day and I managed to take a few shots in the back yard.  Too easy.   You didn’t really think I’d walk out the door without lipgloss, did you?


Foxy Roxie

Foxy Roxie

I love animals.  Not as much as some people, but I have a soft spot for a cuddly little dog in need of a home.  Make that a very soft spot.  My friend get over it is  a classic save-every-pet-you-meet type person.  Heart totally in the right place, and just not enough days in the year or places to put every animal she wants to save.  Bless.  She’ll be pleased to know that I’m a convert of rescuing an animal for my next pet.

I’ve searched high and low for places to find what I’m after.  After living with the too cute Maisy these past few months I’ve been able to test drive responsible doggie ownership and this is what’s on my wish list:
– a woollen coat (I can’t stand dog hair everywhere)
– a small, mixed breed
– a calm temperament.

That oughta do it.  Today I met Tracy who runs Rigby’s Rescue and she is one dedicated cookie!  Not only did she bring Roxie and Rose to play but she brought Jasmine and Kelvin.  It was a regular doggie party!

The delicate Miss Rose

The delicate Miss Rose

Having now met Roxie and Rose I’m more in love with their sweet nature than ever.  The countdown is on for me to find a new house to move in to and make a home for us together. I can’t wait!