IMG_0678The other day I went to a local op shop to buy back a lot of the towels and sheets my sister had donated as I need some on hand to use for the dogs.  I didn’t see anything familiar on display and assumed they had not been processed yet but I didn’t walk away empty handed.  I managed to get a couple of towels, some fabric to protect the sofa (that the dogs shouldn’t be on anyway, but I’m loathe to get up at 3am to boot them off!), a teeny creamy handbag to go with my new leather jacket I designed and had made in Bali AND these ace ace outta space saucepans!  I love old school saucepans and now have a little one (for porridge in the mornings), a mid-sized one (for rice and noodles) and a huuuuuge one (for curries and ummm, big stuff).  Feel free to come over for a cook up anytime!