2-05092009626I’ve been cautious with my purchases of late.  Erring on the side of frivolous, pursuing second hand like a maniac and thinking how I can re-use what I’ve got.  Trouble is, when you’re low on lip balm and completely o-v-a-h every cd you own that strategy kinda has holes in it.  And yes, I am old school, I buy tangible music like cds (ok so I’m not 100% old school in that I don’t own vinyl, but I’m happy with 75%).  I’m actually very susceptible to pretty packaging and groovy design be it on books, mags, cosmetics, cds, clothing, umm…pretty much anything.  So when an acoustic cd featuring many of my fave dancefloor anthems was advertised on tv with a funky cover I was powerless to resist.  Only trouble is now that I own it I have indeed bought a non-refundable lemon.  Anyone wanna trade?