I know I’ve been on a bit of a posting roll lately, but today that is not the case. 

Today, I got nothing.

I just thought I’d share that with you.

frantically searching
spoilt for choice of slums to rent
damn frikken Feb Fast

nahh nah nah nahahh-ah-ah ah.  Boom tish, shameless capitalisation on the Acca Dacca-fication of Melbourne right now.  But seriously, months ago when it was announced AC/DC were touring I was busting to go but nobody I knew would.  So here I sit, ticketless to their three sold-out shows.  Let me qualify  this with the fact that I despised everything about, and everyone who liked, them when I was growing up.  Many years later however,  I realised they were some of the biggest anthems of my formative teenage years and I too am re-living singing in to my hairbrush at any opportunity.  I really wanted to go to the concert for moments like this:

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young salutes the crowd. <EM>Photo: Paul Rovere</EM>

But when I saw images of the crowd I was kinda glad I didn’t end up next to this fella:

60,000 fans witness the first of AC/DC's shows at Etihad Stadium. <EM>Photo: Paul Rovere</EM>

What exactly is the key to it.  By ‘it’ of course I mean everything in the Universe.  If only I knew, I could bottle it and become a magillionaire, infinitely more excellent than simply a millionaire.

In an instant kind of fashion too.  Most of the time I LOVE being connected to the immediacy of my friend’s lives all over the world.  Most of the time, except for now.  I have a friend who is a very successful businessman in the fash business and who also has an award winning cabaret singing career.  He lives on the East Coast of the USA and just went to order pizza locally.  He went to a place he has frequented often in the neighbourhood, where he has made his home over many years of living there.  He was just gay bashed and I feel sick.

Sick that somebody felt they had the right to do this.  That they had a right to do it to him, when all he did was order pizza.  What’s wrong with you people??  It’s 2010 for christ’s sake!!  It’s the cusp of our annual gay pride here in Melbourne as well as (finally) being the era of same sex law reform here in Australia .  I feel too sick to keep typing, but, Kevin, know that I’m sending you the most tender of hugs and kissing the bruises and pain away my sweet.  Stand proud, I sure as hell am proud to know you.  Thugs will always be thugs, but you will always be fabulous.  The best revenge!

Not me, my car.  When you regularly leave work at an hour where your car has no mates, it’s time to go into the room of mirrors….

2-09102009739Since I finished my five day detox last week (or whenever it was) I’ve not enjoyed drinking coffee at all.  Actually it feels like a chore, and I am clueless as to why I keep bothering when afterward I just feel bleh!  I’ve also been craving things with lashings of icing and typically this has involved cupcakes, my kryptonite.  I’m blaming carbs, for everything.  The economy, rising interest rates, unemployment, climate change, you name it.  The  other thing I craved during that entire phase was toast and now even peanut butter toast is making me feel ill.  See, QED (for all the math’s nerds) it’s carbs’ fault.