2-08092009658Technically the season is now Spring, but as usual Melbourne is yet to get the memo.  While the northern parts of the country continue to flaunt their sunny weather without a care, down here in Mexico we still have more than our share of cold weather.  And it’s boring!  In an attempt to shake things up I only have 17 layers of clothing on instead of my usual 45.  And I can feel every single one of the 28 missing layers thank you very much!

2-01092009615I’m determined not to dress like a hobo when I take the dogs to the park.  Admittedly the early mornings when you’re not really awake make this a particular challenge, but normally I just grab something from the laundry pile (I know, cringe, but it’s only going to get wet/ dirty/ doggie anyway, so shoosh!)  and get on with it.  The dogs don’t seem to notice, or care for that matter, and everyone else at the park has that dishevelled and ‘please don’t notice this ensemble is part pyjamas’ look too.  As I wrote before we’ve had wild, no make that bloody wild, weather here in Melbourne of late.  If it hasn’t been blowing a freezing gale it’s been raining and sometimes they’ve joined forces.  Which has made finding the right shoes for the park nigh on impossible. Cue chorus, I have nothing to wear. Repeat.  My favourite boots were getting trashed and my least-worst chuck on bad shoes left me with cold, wet feet.  And then I struck gold and thought this was clearly a case for funky gumboots.  I ended up going one better, it is Spring now, and got these beauties.  Guess you could call them gumshoes??  So now I have happy feet, a warm upper and a warm head.  Did I tell you I had to buy a fancy hat too?

2-CIMG3259I used to think this was part and parcel of being  a hip young thing, but now I’m less inclined to believe the hype.  Make that, ‘rather unwilling to entertain even the mere thought’.  But it wavers.  Especially if the object in question is pretty, flirty, sparkly or to-die-for.  Lately though I find my limits firmly set at ‘only somewhat true’.  And only for shoes.  And only sometimes.  Take these puppies here.  The gold ones have been worn once and lacerated my toes so badly they have been quarantined and the red ones took many band-aided toes before we resembled anything close to being friends.  And these were by a brand for big spaz-shaped feet, like mine!  Gawd help the little people…

IMG_0708Check this baby out, no more losing my pocket money in the park for me!!  Not long after I got the dogs I soon had that very female realisation that when it came time to go to the park I had nothing to wear!  I don’t mean ‘nothing’ nothing, but I certainly didn’t have the right kind of clothing to keep me 1. warm, and 2. dry in Melbourne’s temperamental weather.  My first thought was to scour the factory outlets near my place for outdoorsie type jackets.  Fail.  They just had pricey and/ or ugly stuff.  I don’t do ugly.  Then I thought I’d search the op shops.  Fail.  They had nothing suitable when I was there (but I did get some great saucepans and towels).  The other day when I was driving us all home up the far end of my street I saw a sign that said ‘Ski gear, massive reductions!’.  Well I executed the swiftest u-turn, the kind that would have made 007 proud, and just knew they’d have warm stuff.  Imagine my delight to find this down-filled jacket at 70% off – I am SO the best bargain hunter in the Melbourverse!  Never mind that it’s been too sunny and warm since the very second I bought it to actually wear it, psychologically I know I’ll be warm.

belts, belts lovely belts

belts, belts lovely belts

I love belts.  I realised today that I have finally got to the point where I have a really useful assortment of them to my name.  I have long ones, wide, ones, skinny ones, ones that wrap, tie and buckle, some with intricate cut outs and some with delicate detailing.  Most of them are shades of black or brown. Well I do live in Melbourne, the capital of all things fashion as long as it’s black.  I would like to bust out and own a few coloured ones but I have yet to find any that meet the strict quality standards I require.  My preference is leather (not bonded), well constructed with unique detailing like stitching, cut out pattern or studs etc.

Belts can be very distracting for me, if I’m out shopping and pass a collection I have to stop and check them out.  Like someone who is distracted by shiny things, for me it’s belts.  I don’t always buy them mind, they have to be pretty unique to be allowed membership to my ‘fan’ belt. Pun intended.