2-08092009628I’ve once again added to the repetoire of creepy stuff my dogs like to eat.  Do they like the nicely packaged, nutritionally balanced, easy to handle, posh sounding and extra expensive dog bikkies?  No.  Instead they prefer to gnaw incessantly on creepy, dried up things.  Today, for example, they hoovered up dried pigs ears  – blech!  So the list now looks something like this; creepy dried up roolami (I don’t know what that is, and I don’t want to know), creepy dried up lung from some poor animal, creepy smelly staffy sticks (ditto unkown contents, but I assume it’s not made of staffordshire terriers) and very creepy dried pigs ears.  Just writing that almost makes me eject my breakfast! 

As much as I detest looking and catching a whiff of this stuff (let alone touching any of  it) I rationalise that it’s effectively re-using stuff that would otherwise end up as landfill and contribute to global warming.  So in a small way I’m helping to fix the planet.  But I’m getting verrry close to drawing a line in the sand.  I certainly will NOT be buying or touching pig trotters or snouts!