That is the collective name for my dogs when they misbehave.  Yesterday being no exception.

Since we moved I’ve decided to keep the dogs inside while I’m at work.  On the majority of days it is no drama.  On the other days little Willow has taken to shredding things, usually it’s the mail the thought ful Postie has popped through the front door (he seems unable to re-shut the gate, mind, but that’s another story).

I arrived home yesterday and as I opened the front door to the usual symphony of excited jumping and yelping I saw the day’s mail lying untouched on the carpet.  In my head I punched the air in triumph, ‘hurrah’ I thought, ‘we’ve turned a corner’!

Not so.  This photo shows the knitted lampshade I made a few years back, only now with Willow’s creative influence (she didn’t stop there, it was pulled from the socket and legs akimbo halfway up the hall).  What you can’t see in this image is the shredded tv guide on the floor, the nibbled magazine basket and the grooming comb with a few chunks missing from the handle (I think that was racially motivated though).

So it’s off to the pet shop tomorrow for more doggie friendly things to chew and I’ll be dousing EVERYTHING else in tea tree oil to ward off bugger dogs inc.  Little buggers!!

choose a colour and your future awaits

choose a colour and your future awaits

In my real day job I mostly shuffle paper, in black and white.  All the while I do this I’m day-dreaming in colour.  To help me walk the line between the two I joined a Global Corporate Challenge and was randomly put in a team with some other colleagues.  The goal is to monitor our step activity for 125 days and become more active in the process.  Truth be told, I just wanted the free pedometer and the motivation to get in shape for my mid-winter escape to Bali. 


Today is day 34 and so far I’ve done 2304 steps, which ain’t half bad considering I’ve been sitting at my desk most of the day!  Today is also day 15 of trying to find a new home, day 361 of feeling queasy and day 3 of my new direction to actively live, make and play.  Wish me luck!