2-06042009484I’ve had a bit of an epiphany lately.  I’ve realised I drink coffee because I’m bored.  Point in case, when I’m taking photos (as I love to do) the thought of having a coffee does not even enter my head.  I’m not talking about every single one of the three cups I sometimes consume in a day, but aside from the one cup in the morning to get my brain working I’ve notice more often than not I’m underwhelmed by what’s in front of me and so I reach for the comfort of a warm drink.  The coffee in itself not too much of an issue, but it does tend to be followed by a piece of chocolate or something sweet, followed by self-loathing at not eating well, followed by, followed by.  You get the idea… It’s not productive and it’s not getting me anywhere.  So now before I reach for a cuppa I am asking myself how I’m feeling instead.  Must get cracking on a solution to the boredom factor….