and the next bit should read ‘Girlfriend!’.  Only that it’s pronounced ‘Gerrl-fren’, and accompanied by much finger waving in that drag queen diva-esque way.  I recently discovered that I have six, no make that five now, weeks to find somewhere new to live.  AGAIN.  This is balls.  In the seven years I lived on my own I moved twice.  In the one year I’ve shared with other people again this will be the THIRD move.  Is anyone else bored with this yet?  I sure as hell am.


I wore them to work today.  Something I never do but you see I’m having a minor trans-seasonal fash crisis.  I moved houses in Winter and being clever and organised I put all my Summer clothes in a safe place.  As of last week Melbourne weather is FINALLY warming up and it’s time to put away the Winter Melbourne black and get out the Summer Melbourne black uniform.  But do you think I could find the safe place where it all was hiding???  No.  After going utterly mental for a few days I eventually found it all, folded very neatly in a storage box under my bed.  I made time on the weekend to change it over and found I enjoyed packing the cold weather stuff away a little too much.  Thoughts like, ‘die chunky knit, die die die!’ were running through my head again and again.  I’m also in the middle of a total crisis at work and in times like this I tend to dress up to make myself feel better.  Hence today I’m wearing some of my prettiest play clothes.  Only now I feel like they have office germs on them!

P.S. I know I’ve been absent a while but I totally have a note from my Mum, ok?




This week I was super lucky to attend training in Adobe Lightroom. For those not familiar with this software it is one of many on the market that really allow photographers and designers to take their images to the next level.  I was fortunate enough this morning to capture this shot of my local park on my phone and it really didn’t need any touch ups.  However Lightroom will also be particularly handy to organise and catalogue the 8000 odd images I seem to have accumulated – whoops!

Roadside treasureI’m all moved in to my new abode and am getting more and more settled as each day passes.  Let’s not talk about the level of cleaning I had to do to be able to pack my stuff away but focus on all the ways I’m hoping to give my new place I share a more homely feel.  My new flattie, Electric Legs, has been rather unwell lately.  So it’s not surprising that cooking, cleaning and decorating have taken a back seat in his life.  And yes, I appreciate that as a sports loving bloke these things were unlikely priorities anyway!  But already I feel that filling the fridge with homecooked meals, stocking the cupboards with a broad range of ingredients and giving the bathroom and kitchen a good dry clean has made us both feel less ‘Frat haus’ and a little more like home.  Well I know it does for me!  While I don’t want to completely take over the look and feel of our shared space there are a few obvious touches crying to be made.  I reckon if I could find a retro coffee table, an art deco mirror, a hallway rug and table for the entry then my work will largely be done.  I have some great friends who are op-shop and e-bay fiends and they’ve really inspired me to not buy brand new and save something pre-loved from landfill.  So I’m on the re-use and recycle bandwagon, albeit a little late!  I’ve checked out a few local op-shops and scoured e-bay today but the best part of the new direction I drive to work is that it’s the annual council hard rubbish collection this week.  There is loads of stuff on the roadside begging for a new home out my way.  I’m contemplating doing a few laps of certain blocks in search of what I want as all I’ve seen so far is broken chairs, busted tvs and dead looking mattresses.  Err, not quite what I’m after but I’m on the bandwagon for the long haul so will keep going!

byo hottie in Winter

byo hottie in Winter

Now this might seem like a direct contradiction of my previous post about embracing financial responsibility but I swear bought this stuff before I read How to Give Up Shopping.  So it’s allowed, so ner.  But I digress…

I reckon I hate shopping for swimwear as much as any woman does.  I have wobbly bits I’d rather hide and I’m perennially pale-skinned.  But you see, I also have a very long torso (read general Gigantor-ness, as a friend once said). Now some of you may think I should feel blessed but let me tell you, everytime I hunt down a suitable maillot and wrestle my way into it only for it to bite me back with a giant wedgie I feel anything but.

Imagine my delight to recently find swimwear long enough AND on sale (I know, I know, sales are not my friend sales are not my friend).  Whenever I find shoes, jeans, bras or swimwear that fit me I tend to buy in bulk because experience has shown me there can be a long drought until I find any of it again!