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Had I not had my iPhone stolen on a recent trip to Thailand I could have regaled you with witty travel repartee some weeks back.  But alas, alack, the photos I’d taken and the drafts I’d written in real time (ooer) on the wordpress app are now in the hands of some good-for-nuthin’ stranger.  Incidentally, I hope they trip over their ego and something unfortunate befalls them henceforth, forthwth in return. 

So while I wait for a travel insurance claim to be resolved to sort out a new phone, settle in to my new very grown-up job and continue to unpack boxes from my recent house move (yah, been ‘kinda’ busy) I have a long to do list.  It goes something like this:

  1. actually get up when my alarm goes off, the rest of the day just seems to work so much better on the rare times I do this
  2. catch up on some very ace books and mags in the pile beside my bed
  3. go to bed earlier, this will no doubt help with 1 and 2 above
  4. smash in a quality red velvet cupcake, for old time’s sake
  5. unpack and resolve the sentimental belongings in my house
  6. avoid hot cross buns, at all costs.  Anything toasted, with raisins is my undoing
  7. continue to east less sugar (pretend I didn’t say red velvet earlier) and drink less coffee
  8. find time to get back to yoga or running, preferrably both
  9. keep having a lot of laughs and wild adventures with my dogs

Well, as wild as two little dogs can manage!


I know I’ve been on a bit of a posting roll lately, but today that is not the case. 

Today, I got nothing.

I just thought I’d share that with you.

frantically searching
spoilt for choice of slums to rent
damn frikken Feb Fast

nahh nah nah nahahh-ah-ah ah.  Boom tish, shameless capitalisation on the Acca Dacca-fication of Melbourne right now.  But seriously, months ago when it was announced AC/DC were touring I was busting to go but nobody I knew would.  So here I sit, ticketless to their three sold-out shows.  Let me qualify  this with the fact that I despised everything about, and everyone who liked, them when I was growing up.  Many years later however,  I realised they were some of the biggest anthems of my formative teenage years and I too am re-living singing in to my hairbrush at any opportunity.  I really wanted to go to the concert for moments like this:

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young salutes the crowd. <EM>Photo: Paul Rovere</EM>

But when I saw images of the crowd I was kinda glad I didn’t end up next to this fella:

60,000 fans witness the first of AC/DC's shows at Etihad Stadium. <EM>Photo: Paul Rovere</EM>

What exactly is the key to it.  By ‘it’ of course I mean everything in the Universe.  If only I knew, I could bottle it and become a magillionaire, infinitely more excellent than simply a millionaire.

At least not for February.  I’d been reflecting on my Summer of beer for a few weeks now and feeling a bit lardy about the whole affair.  So when I read about Feb Fast, giving up the booze during the shortest month of the year for charity, I thought ‘I can do that!’.  Hence on the weekend I gave the beers one last nudge for good measure.  Even though it was blisteringly hot I couldn’t finish my third beer and instead tipped it down the sink.  I think my body was saying no well before my head.  And today my head is screaming, just in case I couldn’t work it all out for myself!

Not me, my car.  When you regularly leave work at an hour where your car has no mates, it’s time to go into the room of mirrors….

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