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Praise be!  Ok, so I didn’t find the retro, yet achingly hip desk chair for five bucks I was after for my newly organised home office but I scored these titles to rummage through for 50 cents each! Shut. Up. Bargain alert!!

I’m one of the lucky buggers.  I’ve been on leave for nearly a week already.  Yes I’d hate me too if I was you.  But take heart, this is how I’m spending most of my days.  And at the end of it all, I’ll be the one with the big bum and not you.

If I had one wish it would not be for world peace.  Nor would it be to end poverty.  No siree if I had one wish it would be the power to resist the temptation of cupcakes.  Shallow I know. You’re right, incredibly shallow.  But you see I am unable to resist the little soft, fluffy buds of cake topped with all manner of icing lashingness.  I have been known to go out especially to get them, and if already out to detour waaay out of my way for one.  Point in case today, I took a huge detour to get my favourite red velvet and could hardly wait for my coffee to arrive before sinking my teeth in to it and thinking dirty thoughts.  The thing is I’m supposed to be on a health kick.  Something involving vegetables and grains, I dunno the specifics because I stopped listening after it said no more cupcakes or beer.  A little part of brain must have got some part of the memo though because afterward all I could think of was how much I really wanted an apple or some celery.  And that folks, is progress and I’ll take it!

2-09102009739Since I finished my five day detox last week (or whenever it was) I’ve not enjoyed drinking coffee at all.  Actually it feels like a chore, and I am clueless as to why I keep bothering when afterward I just feel bleh!  I’ve also been craving things with lashings of icing and typically this has involved cupcakes, my kryptonite.  I’m blaming carbs, for everything.  The economy, rising interest rates, unemployment, climate change, you name it.  The  other thing I craved during that entire phase was toast and now even peanut butter toast is making me feel ill.  See, QED (for all the math’s nerds) it’s carbs’ fault.

27022009406I dunno how I didn’t know earlier, but since my (debacle of a) pc upgrade yesterday my new machine has alerted me that a message was directed to my ‘junk mail’ folder.  My what??  I didn’t even know I had such a thing!  So I hot-footed it (or should that be hot-moused it?) on over the said folder and opened a container of long lost treasure.  It turns out that I had not only won a lot of money, but I could get king kong in my pants, date a lonely former eastern bloc lass and was offered the SAME apartment by a guy that some sincere sounding Russian in London had offered me three months ago.  Wow, talk about luck!!  Even better was finding all the gags friends had been sending me for over a year.  The bargain loving part of my brain was a bit bummed about all the legit special offers that had long since expired though!

2-15092009681and not the pastel horsie racing kind.  It’s officially only week four of Spring and I’m loving the bouts of ever so slightly warmer weather, so is Willow.  What I am not loving is the insane hayfever I seem to have this year.  It has been on hiatus for two loverly years but this year has come back.  And then some!  Lately I seem to wake up at three hour intervals unable to breathe in order to sneeze or blow my nose.  And so it continues all day until I finally fall (pretend) asleep again.  The novelty has passed, trust me.  I’ve been going mad tring to cure it, hoovering up anti-histamines like they were lollies and even resorting to going back to Chinese medicine.  Anyone who has had cupping knows that ain’t pretty either.  But so far it’s in vain.  Might have to get the dogs a haircut too as the grass seeds in their coats are not helping.  I worked out I’ve spent over $300 so far on fixes.  How long is Spring again??

2-IMG_7862Yesterday my friend Indy Gurl and I decided to go for a wander with the dogs. We’ve been on the hunt for a dog friendly, walking-distance-from-home watering hole for a while and not surprisingly we eventually ended up in one.  It was quite a feat to get a table and we happened to be near another older, small dog.  The four of them checked each other out and existed in harmony for the next hour or so.  The sun was shining, the beer was cold, life was good.  Then mid-sentence I heard the most blood curdling series of yelps and whines that no pet owner ever wants to hear.  My little Willow was pinned under the other dog, I could have sworn she was trapped in it’s jaws at one point too.  My instinct was just to get my dog out of there and so I broke every rule there is and thrust my hand in to the mellee but I couldn’t tell head nor tail of one dog to the other.  I put Willow on my lap to check her for injuries and noticed some blood above her left eye.  Later at home I bathed it with hot salty water but it was starting to swell and had me worried.  When I checked on her at 3am it was very infected, tender and she yelped in pain as I tried to clean it.  My local vet didn’t appear to be open later in the morning so with no mobile phone to call around for an alternative I decided to go begging at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.  They were great and managed to squeeze me in and little Willow just lay rather limp in my arms until it was her turn.  Rob the vet was ace, he did some tricky MacGyver test and turns out she has a graze on the eyeball as well as the cut on the eyelid.  She is now very jacked up on get better meds and will hopefully be back to her old self when I get home from work.  Phew, that was the most expensive beer I ever had!

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