What is a Trash The Dress Session?

YOUR wedding is over and your dress is probably stashed in a box or bag and lying in a cupboard where it will be forgotten.

Let’s face it, you are unlikely to pass it down, you won’t be able to bring yourself to sell it, and trust me, you’re never going to alter it or wear it again.

 So, trash it.

 A Trash The Dress Session gives you a chance to rock out the wedding gown one last time – and have it photographed.

Don the dress and, given you’ve said your vows, it’s now up to you where you wear it. You might just like to take a mild approach and be photographed lying in the grass or walking barefoot on the beach, or, how about this, pairing it with hot red heels and a motorbike.

 Forget about whether the dress will get dirty or not, we’ve already determined it’s had its day. Roll in the mud, jump in the ocean, or the creek, or check under the bonnet of the car. There are endless possibilities, all dependent on how brave you feel.

If you’re not convinced do a Google search of ‘Trash the Dress’ and see how amazing and fun these photographic sessions can be. Not only are they fun, they make great anniversary gifts. Go on, have fun with it. Trust me. You’re not wearing the frock again anyway.