LAPSED gardener, better than average cook, dog lover, yoga enthusiast, sweet tooth, book fiend, and movie lover – it’s pretty safe to say I have an eye for pretty things.

Whether I was watching Mum sew ballet costumes or acting as an apprentice to Dad in his shed, there was always a sense of something wonderful being made.

Though I worked in the finance industry for many years, I’ve always sought opportunities outside my working life to tap into my own creativity, and pretty much since I could afford my own camera, film and processing, have volunteered to make what I see in my mind’s eye a lasting memory for others to share.

 I call myself a lifestyle photographer and have photographed many different situations, people and objects. As yet I don’t have a favourite subject but do have a long list of things I still wish to capture.

Quite often my inspiration is the recipient of the work I create. With everything I try to understand how I can evoke a response and, most importantly, touch the heart. 

Studio photography is not my thing and I don’t have a studio by choice. I prefer to work on location and relish the challenge of natural lighting and surroundings. Old buildings, interesting walls, old furniture, gardens or fields are favourite backdrops for my work and I am always looking for new locations to shoot at. I also work hard to capture the candid, natural expressions of subjects, shying away from stiff and clichéd poses. I’m more likely to ask you to jump about, laugh in my face and go crazy than to “say cheese” and “smile”.

Photography allows me to capture the intimacy, innocence and emotion of individual stories and I’m constantly searching to harness the real and distinctive details of everyday living – the very things many photographers overlook in a quest for style over substance.  It’s those candid moments, those real moments that produce images to make your heart smile. They’re the photos people cherish forever.  

If you’re interested in having me capture your special memories and moments, please drop me a line.

 Catch you on the flipside!