nahh nah nah nahahh-ah-ah ah.  Boom tish, shameless capitalisation on the Acca Dacca-fication of Melbourne right now.  But seriously, months ago when it was announced AC/DC were touring I was busting to go but nobody I knew would.  So here I sit, ticketless to their three sold-out shows.  Let me qualify  this with the fact that I despised everything about, and everyone who liked, them when I was growing up.  Many years later however,  I realised they were some of the biggest anthems of my formative teenage years and I too am re-living singing in to my hairbrush at any opportunity.  I really wanted to go to the concert for moments like this:

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young salutes the crowd. <EM>Photo: Paul Rovere</EM>

But when I saw images of the crowd I was kinda glad I didn’t end up next to this fella:

60,000 fans witness the first of AC/DC's shows at Etihad Stadium. <EM>Photo: Paul Rovere</EM>