If I had one wish it would not be for world peace.  Nor would it be to end poverty.  No siree if I had one wish it would be the power to resist the temptation of cupcakes.  Shallow I know. You’re right, incredibly shallow.  But you see I am unable to resist the little soft, fluffy buds of cake topped with all manner of icing lashingness.  I have been known to go out especially to get them, and if already out to detour waaay out of my way for one.  Point in case today, I took a huge detour to get my favourite red velvet and could hardly wait for my coffee to arrive before sinking my teeth in to it and thinking dirty thoughts.  The thing is I’m supposed to be on a health kick.  Something involving vegetables and grains, I dunno the specifics because I stopped listening after it said no more cupcakes or beer.  A little part of brain must have got some part of the memo though because afterward all I could think of was how much I really wanted an apple or some celery.  And that folks, is progress and I’ll take it!