I wore them to work today.  Something I never do but you see I’m having a minor trans-seasonal fash crisis.  I moved houses in Winter and being clever and organised I put all my Summer clothes in a safe place.  As of last week Melbourne weather is FINALLY warming up and it’s time to put away the Winter Melbourne black and get out the Summer Melbourne black uniform.  But do you think I could find the safe place where it all was hiding???  No.  After going utterly mental for a few days I eventually found it all, folded very neatly in a storage box under my bed.  I made time on the weekend to change it over and found I enjoyed packing the cold weather stuff away a little too much.  Thoughts like, ‘die chunky knit, die die die!’ were running through my head again and again.  I’m also in the middle of a total crisis at work and in times like this I tend to dress up to make myself feel better.  Hence today I’m wearing some of my prettiest play clothes.  Only now I feel like they have office germs on them!

P.S. I know I’ve been absent a while but I totally have a note from my Mum, ok?