27022009406I dunno how I didn’t know earlier, but since my (debacle of a) pc upgrade yesterday my new machine has alerted me that a message was directed to my ‘junk mail’ folder.  My what??  I didn’t even know I had such a thing!  So I hot-footed it (or should that be hot-moused it?) on over the said folder and opened a container of long lost treasure.  It turns out that I had not only won a lot of money, but I could get king kong in my pants, date a lonely former eastern bloc lass and was offered the SAME apartment by a guy that some sincere sounding Russian in London had offered me three months ago.  Wow, talk about luck!!  Even better was finding all the gags friends had been sending me for over a year.  The bargain loving part of my brain was a bit bummed about all the legit special offers that had long since expired though!