2-CIMG3471At the urging of my very wise and clever friend I’ve embarked on a liver detox.  It’s now Day 2 and I can feel the crankiness setting in, but apart from that this is supposed to be a turning point for all the benefits to kick in!  My head says, ‘gimme a big ass coffee and toast, stat’.  But funnily enough my tummy says, ‘not for us, we’re ok thanks’.  Which I find surprising as I thought the tummy rumbles would be stronger (not to mention the craving for sweet stuff like cake).  I am finding the level of liquid I’m supposed to consume a bit of a struggle and I skipped the evening vege juice as I felt that one more sip of liquid would make me barf.  And I knew if I got to barf point I couldn’t get back on the wagon psychologically.  I have a very strong psychological gag reflex, always have.  Don’t get me started about being dared to eat a banana when aged 6 for twenty bucks (which in today’s terms would have been the equivalent of $3,409,530,946.00).  Just know that if we’re ever on the same team on some lost and desperate place for an episode of Survivor that you don’t pick me for the creepy eating challenge.  Deal?