2-13092009671The park I take my dogs to has a generously sized off-leash area.  We meet new friends, both the two and four-legged variety, every day and have oodles of puffed out fun.  Both dogs run around with their noses to the ground in search of treasure and, in between being bowled over by rowdy staffies and slobbered on by boxers, they sometimes find it.  I keep a pocket full of treats to bribe them in to always coming when called and also in the hope they ignore the personal trainer with clients in the mornings (alternating with a bark for him and a slobbery kiss for them – mortifying!).  Lately I’ve noticed little Willow chewing on things when under a particular tree.  In my blissfully ignorant state I thought ‘oh how sweet, she’s getting back to nature and foraging for nuts and seeds for extra nutrients’.  On closer inspection she’s actually gorging herself on possum poo!  Explains the unique err… frangrance she seems to exude!!