2-08092009657The only supermarket in my new ‘hood has a good spattering of basic things  as well as lots of yummy things that tug at my purse strings every time I visit.  On balance I’d say it’s quite gour-mette.  The other night I only needed some potatoes to make some mash to go with my left over massaman curry.  So I thought after a play in the park with the dogs we’d swing by and grab some on the way home.  I must have stared at the vegie shelves for an age looking at every type of sprout/ stalk/ root/ herb/ bulbous thing I didn’t need while muttering what kind of bloody shop doesn’t have potatoes!!  Then I happened to notice the stand of non-refrigerated items directly adjacent to me and casually scooped up a few.  They cost me 2 bucks, which seems like a lot for just 3 very average spuds.  I think the posh dirt on them must have cost more.