2-01092009615I’m determined not to dress like a hobo when I take the dogs to the park.  Admittedly the early mornings when you’re not really awake make this a particular challenge, but normally I just grab something from the laundry pile (I know, cringe, but it’s only going to get wet/ dirty/ doggie anyway, so shoosh!)  and get on with it.  The dogs don’t seem to notice, or care for that matter, and everyone else at the park has that dishevelled and ‘please don’t notice this ensemble is part pyjamas’ look too.  As I wrote before we’ve had wild, no make that bloody wild, weather here in Melbourne of late.  If it hasn’t been blowing a freezing gale it’s been raining and sometimes they’ve joined forces.  Which has made finding the right shoes for the park nigh on impossible. Cue chorus, I have nothing to wear. Repeat.  My favourite boots were getting trashed and my least-worst chuck on bad shoes left me with cold, wet feet.  And then I struck gold and thought this was clearly a case for funky gumboots.  I ended up going one better, it is Spring now, and got these beauties.  Guess you could call them gumshoes??  So now I have happy feet, a warm upper and a warm head.  Did I tell you I had to buy a fancy hat too?