IMG_0708Check this baby out, no more losing my pocket money in the park for me!!  Not long after I got the dogs I soon had that very female realisation that when it came time to go to the park I had nothing to wear!  I don’t mean ‘nothing’ nothing, but I certainly didn’t have the right kind of clothing to keep me 1. warm, and 2. dry in Melbourne’s temperamental weather.  My first thought was to scour the factory outlets near my place for outdoorsie type jackets.  Fail.  They just had pricey and/ or ugly stuff.  I don’t do ugly.  Then I thought I’d search the op shops.  Fail.  They had nothing suitable when I was there (but I did get some great saucepans and towels).  The other day when I was driving us all home up the far end of my street I saw a sign that said ‘Ski gear, massive reductions!’.  Well I executed the swiftest u-turn, the kind that would have made 007 proud, and just knew they’d have warm stuff.  Imagine my delight to find this down-filled jacket at 70% off – I am SO the best bargain hunter in the Melbourverse!  Never mind that it’s been too sunny and warm since the very second I bought it to actually wear it, psychologically I know I’ll be warm.