I still haven’t settled on new names for my dogs so for now they are the bigger black one and the little grey one.  IMG_0574In the soft dim light of the lounge room last night I went to pat the smaller of my two dogs and for a second I couldn’t tell head from tail!  See exhibit A, at left.  But I digress.  I’m dead set committed to breaking my dog’s bad habits and teaching them good manners.  As a stong supporter of reward based training and addictee of the tv show It’s me or the dog I borrowed some dog training books from my local library and got to it.

So far I’ve worked out there are a few dominance based issues with some attention seeking barking and separation anxiety thrown in.  Piece of cake, right?  Well it’s only day 3 of our new regime and so far I’ve got the bigger one to sit and stay and we seem to have nipped a lot of the barking at anything in the bud too.  The little one is eating proper portions now and actually sits rather than just trying to look cute.  I’d say that counts as progress, big time.  Add to that the extra bits and pieces I’ve rigged up for next to nothing (new double dog walking lead, attention diverting noise things, and indoor training rope) and I reckon that MacGyver fella is at real risk of losing his seat at the top!