harden upSelf perception of body image can be a fickle old thing.  I have no idea what I weigh as I don’t own any scales.  I’m not trying to be all girl-power about my physique, I just can’t be arsed.  I don’t even own a decent full length mirror so I’ve no idea if my bum is growing or not.  For the longest time I’ve also had trouble with my appetite, or lack thereof.  Without boring you with the details I found I’ve had to snack on what I can when I feel up to it.  This has often meant good nutrition has, sadly, gone right out the window.  Lately I’ve been telling myself that my morning ritual of peanut butter toast is just going to end in tears, sooner or later.  So it was no surprise to see some photos of me recently (I’m normally behind the lense) and think, “you’ve done it and gone and turned into a fat bastard”.  A few days later when I was wearing some now baggy old clothes that used to fit quite snuggly I found myself giving my ego a stern talking to in the room of mirrors.  It went something like, “get a grip, your belt has gone in five notches, you’re not fat”.  Even so, it was a timely reminder to try and eat in a more balanced manner but more importantly to just enjoy the here and now.